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Dr. Eric (and staff) have helped me in many different aspects of my life. I suffered dizzy spells and headaches before my treatment started, and frequent back pain. After being treated for 3 months now, I'm happy to say that my symptoms have subsided and I feel better everyday. Treatment and subsequent relief of symptoms does take dedication on the part of the patient. However, my time invested has been WELL WORTH IT, I FEEL GRRRREAT! - Pam A.

Dr. Eric & Dr. Karen have helped me a great deal with my chronic migraines and sinus problems. Their office is beautiful, their staff is amazing (they remember everyone's name), and I have never felt more healthy and balanced. Cheers! - Lisa M.

Dr. Eric and his staff are an awesome team! They are all super friendly and very knowledgable. My entire family sees the doctors for various health ailments. We have seen the best results in our 5 year old daughter who used to suffer from seizures that medical doctors were unable to explain. Chiropractic care is for anyone interested in living without unnecessary medical intervention.....preventative health care is the best kind! - Chrissy K

Dr. Eric has CHANGED my life. I am able to hear again. For 20 years I could NOT hear at all out of my right ear. After 10 adjustments I was able to hear. This literally is a MIRACLE for me, and I am truly grateful for Dr. Eric and Chiropractic. God Bless and THANK YOU! - David G.

My 4 year old son had suffered from allergies and ear infections from birth. It seemed he was always sick and always on medication for something. I had grown sick of frequent doctor visits and medications that made my son drowsy but not healthy. A friend recommended that I see a chiropractor and gave me Dr. Eric's phone number. I was extremely hestitant. However, after just a few adjustments we noticed significant changes in my son's health. To this day he has not needed allergy medication, tubes in his ears, and hasn't even been sick at all! Thanks to Dr. Eric we are able to enjoy outdoor family activities, have a truly healthy family, and avoid unnecessary and expensive medical procedures. Thanks so much - Michelle K.

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